Friday, September 18, 2009

Dwelling Places

There are some advantages to being a caregiver. Sometimes my lady friend goes to physical therapy…so I go for a walk.

Looking at homes keeps me entertained.

The homes are quite eclectic in Southern California.



"In my father's house are many dwelling places."

What's this?

Click on the picture to see the oranges hanging from the trees. In the background do you see the roof of a 100-year-old Victorian?

This brand-new home is actually from another neighborhood. I went through it the other day...its up for sale for a million. And it's on a busy street!

Ah...there's no place like home!
(correction: not my home...but someone's cute "home-sweet-home.")

May your homes be peaceful this week.

"Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout the generations." Psalm 90:1


Willow said...

Thank you for the interesting tour. And thanks for the 'blessing' on our homes. Mine is going to be a little stressed this week...

Karen said...

Very nice pictures...I especially liked your "home sweet home"....

Dawn said...

I love your house - it looks so cozy. Your walk looked like fun.

When do you go to Hawaii?

Marg said...

It's alway a treat to have a tour of your neighborhood. I'm sure you are always praying for them as you walk past all those home.

Susan Skitt said...

Wow, what a neat variety of homes - love it. And to think that God is preparing a home, a mansion in fact, for us!