Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hidden Places

On our last day on Kauai, Steve and Sheryl took us to...what the locals call...a secret beach.

We bumped down a dirt road for a few miles, and parked.

Then we hiked along a trail.

We found ourselves on top of grass covered cliffs.
"Surfers like to jump in from the cliffs," said Steve, so they don't have to fight their way through the waves.
I hope the dog doesn't fall off the cliff.
It was a hot hike.

Nobody was around...but there were signs of local fishermen.
Mozart is relaxing in a fish net hamock. (You should have seen him try to get out of it.)
A we were walking in.

The coral was sharp, and prevented us from going out very far.
Later in the day, 3 surfers appeared on the cliffs. See the surfboard sticking up? A surfer just jumped in, and his board hit the water like a knife bouncing.
Do you see the three surfers in the water? (above)
As we were hiking out. I stopped on the cliffs to take these pictures.

I wanted to stay here longer and watch them catch waves.
Those waves are much bigger than they look in the picture!

We had a great time! And in the evening Mozart and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and our last day on the island.

The kind man at the next table took our picture. Here it is. (a little blurry)

GOOD-BYE KAUAI!'s not a dirt bike, but it's fun. Mozart is doing tricks on Steve's moped Hey let me try that.
No shifting! Just turn the handle.

I wish I had one of these on the mainland.


Willow said...

Surfers are a gutsy lot! I love going to the places where the locals hang out. And I love the beach photos!

Karen said...

Love the pictures...what a view!

Dawn said...

Beautiful spot - wonderful pictures. I am glad you had such a wonderful experience.

I am also glad to hear that you're reading the Left Behind series - amazing stuff!

Marg said...

It was fun to see your photos...I love sitting and taking photos of surfer and those waves...
So much fun. Nice photo of you and Mozart. I only envision you with a motorbike helmet.