Thursday, November 5, 2009


You've probably been wondering what happened to the Kauai posts.
Well...I am immersed in a good book.
I actually rarely read...because I'm always so busy running here and there and doing various chores. But oh how fun to be in a good book. I'm finally relaxing at night. (I'm not much of a TV watcher.)

I feel silly telling you what I'm reading. Mainly because you probably have read it years ago. It's the "Left Behind" series. Part of the allure of this experience is looking forward to curling up in the evening and reading until I drop.

Oh...actually I DO watch TV on Thursday and Sunday. My husband I watch 2 shows together. This is a big deal to me, because he is always so busy with his work and I love having this sort of "date" with him. We watch Extreme Home Makeover and Survivor. We get a kick out of some of the personalities on Survivor.

Mozart does like those "cop" and "lawyer" shows at times, but I'm usually doing something else.

I'll be back soon with my "Last Day on Kauai" post. We hiked into a hidden beach.

Some of my favorite photos will be in that post! (But first I have to finish the final chapters of "Tribulation Force!)

Mozart has just informed me "Survivor is on in two minutes."

Talk to you soon!


Willow said...

We're big NCIS and Bones fans, so we watch on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Karen said...

I can always relax better with a good book rather than TV any day...but I can relate with the "date" shows with hubby...we so rarely get to sit down and watch an entire movie becomes a real big deal when we do....

Looking forward to the photos!