Thursday, February 25, 2010

At the Dog Park

It's fun to go to the dog park!
You can meet your friends and catch up on the latest news.
You can play with the big dogs! (Little Maggie--below--loves to run with the big dogs)

You can drink lot's of water...and ask, "Can I stay longer?"
Odd balls are always interesting.
And if you're lucky, you can close the place.

Recently we visited Mozart's sister and husband in Bakersfield. We enjoyed getting out into the open spaces and slowing down, and visiting with one another.

When we got home from the park, the dogs stretched out on the rug for a rest, and Mary and I went outside to see her sugar snap peas. Their growing like little 'Jack in the bean stalks' up and over the fence.

And that was Valentine's weekend...

Mary and Ken

Mozart and Me

Have a good weekend!


Dawn said...

Wow, how did I get so far behind?? I've missed 3 posts at least.

Looks like a fun week-end - peas growing already, amazing.

Becky Wolfe said...

Great pix! I want to live somewhere where peas grow in February!! Nice! I love sugar snap peas!

Just breezing thru and trying to find all the links of the blogs I used to read now that I've returned to blog land!

jan said...

I always forget to plant for March harvesting until...well, until March.

Karen said...

Nothing like enjoying life with our furry friends...except maybe enjoying it with our favorite not so furry friends!