Friday, May 21, 2010


I heard this conversation behind me, as I flew from Colorado to California.
"What is that noise?"
"Someone is taking pictures."
"From the plane?"

Yes...from the plane. How can people NOT look out the window and NOT take pictures.

Check this out. It's so other-worldly. (click on picture to make larger) I think this is Monument Valley (everything is prefaced "I think" when one is on a plane.)

Notice the shadows stretching over the desert from the "monuments".

I think this is the Grand Canyon.

The waning sunlight catches the tops of the canyons.
What a privilege to have an aerial view of God's designs.

Speaking of cool canyons, my husband and his friend Craig drove through Red Rock Canyon recently.
Craig took some amazing pictures.
The canyons are about a two and a half hour drive from our home.
The fluted folds are a result of wind and rain erosion.

"Because of your great compassion you did not abandon them in the desert."
Nehemiah 9:19

It's comforting to know that when we are traveling through the desert, God does not abandon us. Although it's hot, dry and tough-going...there is beauty.


Karen said...

Wow! Awesome pictures! And I can anyone NOT take pictures of such beauty and splendor?

Glenda said...

Love, love these photos! The Nehemiah verse is so full of hope, and your closing thoughts so true! Thanks for the reminder that He never leaves us!

Marg said...

I was totally amazed when we went to Phoenix last year...I had never seen a desert in my life, and the rock formations? You gave us a wonderful glimpse of beauty and God's protective hand of covenant all around us.

Dawn said...

FABULOUS photos!! I just love them. I never sit in the window seat if I can help it - claustrophobia. I think the pilot should make announcements about what you're flying over!

Willow said...

Canyons are amazing! And yes, that was Grand Canyon.

You asked about decluttering my friend's garden--I wish! I'd have decluttered a bunch of her plants right in to my garden! We were working in her house. We have a deal. I help her, she helps me. It keeps us both accountable.