Saturday, May 8, 2010

Colorado (Part Two)

I went to Writers Critique group yesterday and was inspired to write more. Yet I hold back if I don't have something to say...or if I get busy. So my blog sits idle. I'm going to try to post once a week, as a discipline. But I may not have any earth-shattering stories, or deep profound thoughts.

I want to write about my life, but not all things can be said. And writing about one's life is not always interesting to others. When I have been published, it has been with "Personal Experience" stories. That is my best area. However, I'd like to do a few devotions too.

But this is supposed to be about COLORADO and I don't have time to write today, because I have things I must tend to.

Yet I have not forgotten about Colorado and the wonderful time I had there. My mind reflects back...and smiles.

I got to know my nieces a little bit better and that was a joy.

In Colorado, if you're 16 years old...this is what your chores are: "Feed the chickens" and "Hollee---Jose needs to be ridden!"

You can't just run and jump on a horse. Hollee took Jose out, hooked him up, brushed him, then put on his bridle and saddle.

Then she jumped on. Without her boots. So mom patiently went in the house to get them and put them on her feet. BY THE WAY...Happy Mother's day to all!

Hollee and her sister, Ashlee have spent their growing up years showing horses in horse shows. They have won many awards.

Home Sweet Home

We were able to visit "Garden of the Gods" and my brother took me mountain biking! More on Colorado coming soon...(hopefully I'll be back no later than 7 days!)


Willow said...

Colorado is a beautiful place in which to grow up!

I'm learning that descriptive writing is helpful to just get me to produce words on the computer screen or on paper. Then the descriptions can be developed in to personal experience.

Glenda said...

Don't underestimate the power of your written words! Who knows how God will use them? Your personal experiences may be just what someone else needs to hear! So, keep writing!

I'm praying for you and the challenge you mentioned in your comments on my blog. Thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words.

Happy Mother's Day!

Marg said...

What a wonderful gift for you to meet another blogging friend.
Obviously the country is dear to your hear.
Keep us posted. I know there is so much to do sometimes but I love coming to your weekly posts.
Bible for Missions, is a thrift store in our area.

Karen said...

I have always enjoyed reading everything you have shared here...and the pictures are great...

Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

Dawn said...

Look at that beautiful Colorado sky! We had one nice day last week-end, just in time for our Cambodian company, but then snow AGAIN! When will it ever end??