Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rough Roads and Smooth

The road has been rough and smooth over here. During a rough time, D.P. brought home some balloons from work, which lightened our hearts.
Diamond is a gift that brings us together.
The boys enjoy a moment with Diamond.
I needed a bit of fresh air, and spent Saturday with my parents. My mother and I took a walk on Balboa Island.
We stopped on a bridge to watch a Kayak.
And admired a succulent garden.
A beautiful Dahlia.

I also played tennis with my 82 year old father. He needed to warm up for a match he playing next Wednesday. I wonder if I will follow in my parents footsteps and be healthy in my 80's. I'm tired already!

I'm reading 2 interesting books. Dawn recommended "When I Lay My Isaac Down." by Carol Kent. I'm now on her second book "A New Kind of Normal". It's about how a mother and father watch their comfortable lives disappear when their only son is arrested and eventually sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The second book is "On Sidesaddles to Heaven" by Laurie Winn Carlson. This book is about six missionary women who crossed the rocky mountains on horseback. The author draws from their diaries. I'm only in the first chapter, but in the introduction I read that these women not only brought their faith into the wilds, but also education and a desire to raise the living conditions and status of the Indians at a time when tribes were being forcibly removed from their homelands in the east. Thanks to my friend Lynn, who recommended this book.

AND SPEAKING OF BOOKS, Debby won the drawing for the Chicken Soup Book! Congratulations!

Have a good week!

Then Jesus said, "Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."


Dawn said...

The balloon romp with the dog looks like it would lighten and brighten any day. I hope things are smoother.

I am so glad you read Carol's books - aren't they just heart-wrenching, yet hopeful? The book about the ladies sounds like something Dwight would really get into, especially. I'll have to check on that one. I keep putting books on hold at the library when I hear about one I need to read, and they always seem to come in 3 or 4 at a time - and you can only keep new books for 3 weeks. So I have to really work out a lot and read on the machines this next few days!!

I have an unusual quiet morning here with the girls sleeping in their own beds at home. I hardly know how to act, not having to get them ready for school.

Have a great week, friend!

Susan Skitt said...

So nice to catch up with the goings on here! That is so amazing that your 82 year old father plays tennis - wow - that is inspiring! You must be very happy to see your parents in good health and strength and so active in their golden years!

I read your Empty Chair story - very touching. Wow - kids and relationships can be so difficult - but it is a learning experience that teaches, Amen?

Soon I hope to post a contest on my blog for a free Love is a Verb Devotional book. I have two stories published in this new release from Bethany House. The compiling author is Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages. So sorry I missed out on your contest. I am so delighted for you on your publication! Excellent work!!!

Have a great week my friend!

Debby A. said...

Yay me!