Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Bus with Mom

That's MOM, standing under the "T" of Tour.

A couple of years ago, my mom and I went to Santa Barbara. We really looked forward to getting away together because its something we rarely do.

Mom bought tickets to go on a very unusual tour bus. When it took off, we hung onto our hats--because of the wind. After riding all over town, the driver headed for the harbor. When we got to the water's edge the driver didn't put on the brakes! He headed down the boat launching ramp! We rolled right into the water! We motored around for quite awhile, and these are some pictures I took from the bus. (It was one of those buses that is part boat. Have you ever been on one?)

10 Things I Love About my Mom

I’m lucky to have a mom for so many years! At age 51 I can still go to her for advice. We often pray together over the phone. Here are ten things I love about my mom.

1) She has a strong faith in God.

2) She loves my dad.

3) She reminds me to have a sense of humor about life.

4) She has many friends. I enjoy meeting them and getting to know them.

5) She wise, practical and logical.

6) She is athletic and I’m proud of her tennis accomplishments.

7) She’s sweet most of the time, but she can be tough when she needs to be.

8) She likes to garden, sew, read, play tennis, study the Bible, host parties, bicycle and have fun!

9) She’s pretty.

10) She loves my husband, my children, and me!

I hope she doesn’t mind me telling her age, but she is an amazing 76-year-old!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Becky Wolfe said...

Beautiful tribute to your mom. Her children will rise up & call her blessed - that you have done well!

I've never seen a boat/bus. Creeepy! But cool photos from it!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Your Mom sounds like a beautiful treasure!

Blessings from PA!

JAM said...

Wonderful post. You are blessed. My Mom is a good woman too, I tell her that whenever I talk to her.

When I was growing up in northeast Louisiana, we would often go up to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a weekend. My parents loved it there, it's where the hills start in Arkansas, quite different from the ultra-flat Louisiana, and also Mom had an Aunt and Uncle who lived there. They had tours offered there that were advertised as "Ride The Ducks!" and had these WWII vintage amphibious open busses like you were talking about. We never went on one though. We saw them everywhere about town when we went there however.

Becky Wolfe said...

Hey Sharon - I tagged you for a meme in my blog cuz I was tagged for it last week. Don't feel obligated because I know they are time consuming. (It took me over a week to fulfill mine)