Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I've been back for almost a week and I miss the mountains already!

It's hard to imagine that just over a week ago I was rowing out into Rock Creek Lake. I like looking at the shoreline from the water. A fresh vantage point. And it's quiet out there.

So what's going on around here? After church, my husband, and his friend L decided to go riding. Our oldest son, who is supposed to be looking for a job...said, "Can I go?????" So Dad took him too. This is the one thing that still connects father and son. When I hadn't heard from them at 9:00 p.m., I called and couldn't reach their cell phone. Were they lost? Did they lose daylight? Just got a call. Everyone is in one piece. They're on the road home.

My youngest son, age 16, played with his new PS3 today (game system). He bought it with his own money. He's been saving his money since he was about ten for something...but he didn't know what. We weren't too happy about the game system. as we've been trying to tone down the video games. Not all kids get addicted to games, but my sons will play them most of the day if they could get away with it. Therefore my husband and I have a strict time limit rule.

Since part of the family was gone today, I decided to do something I rarely do. Watch a movie. Let's see...what movie to get? One that the guys would NEVER want to see. I settled on "Miss Potter". A nice calm movie about the author of Peter Rabbit, which includes light romance. Perfect. It was so nice to settle back and not worry about anyone getting blasted, blown-up, or murdered.

The movie was not too exciting...but it was enjoyable. I loved the English countryside, the water color pictures of animals, the clothes, observing the manners and customs of the early 1900's. After the movie was over, I googled "Beatrix Potter" to read more about her. I purused some sketches she did as a child, found out she kept a journal written in a special code, and she raised sheep!

I am very interested in sheep. I'm working on a children's story about a flock of sheep. I'll tell you more about that soon!

Have a very good week!


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Hey Sharon girl! Sounds like you have been having fun! Looking forward to getting back. I went hiking too and when I can figure out how to configure my new camera to load... well, I'm going to have to enlist some help! LOL!

Anyhow, I know what you mean about getting some girl time, I'm outnumbered here too and chick-flicks are few and far between!

Your kids story sounds interesting. I'm hoping to get back to writing for kids, (my first love). We'll see what God has in store!

Becky Wolfe said...

I too get worried when hubby is out riding & its dark & I haven't heard from him yet. I ask him repeatedly to 'call me as soon as you're done the ride & everyone is loaded' (accidents have still happened just loading the bikes so I tag that one on) but he often forgets & when he does call its 'oops I've been visiting at D's house & left my cell in the truck'. ARGH!

That lake looks like a beautiful place to paddle. I'm eagerly anticipating the exodus of tourists so I can have my lake back to me & my kayak.

Ohhh, I love sheep too! I'm sheep crazy. (I even ALMOST got a sheep tatoo once but the gals I was with changed their minds & so I didn't do it...still have the drawing but no longer the courage)

But I vowed that if & when we ever have a baby that I won't 'sheep theme' them to death. (I am all about Classic Pooh for a baby room) Though there will probably be one or two lambies adorning the nursery out of my vast & overgrown collection. lol Cool about the story! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Naomi said...

Great post Sharon. I've always loved Beatrix Potter. I grew up reading her stories. The movie is really good. I'm sure you enjoyed it. I think it's always a worry when husbands and sons go out biking. I have friends like that. I'm sure you were glad to hear they were safe and on the way home.

P.S. You've won another award. Come across to my blog to find out more

Marion said...

I enjoy the English countryside as well, Sharon. And the Potter movie gave me lots of that...I love her stories.

I just looked at your previous posts and went to your link...what a beautiful place! It certainly would have given you peace of mind...those mountains and that wonderful trail.

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and encouraging me with your prayers. Kristen is unable to keep anything down - specific request! Thanks again.

Sharon Lynne said...


Sheila said...

Absolutely lovely photo. I want to go there.

Sharon Lynne said...

Me too. Again and again.

Janey Loree said...
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Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin! I haven't been posting or reading due to the fact that my son's took their vacation in Australia and are in the process of moving to Texas!

I don't get much "girl time" either. I will have to rent "Miss Potter" so that my mum and I can see it!

And I know what you mean about waiting for that call...that all is well on the dirt bike front!!!

Let me know when you post about your kids story, I would like to add it to my Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree blog. Have you checked out I am going to just as soon as my guys get settled in Texas.