Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Resting in the High Places

My youngest son and I joined my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Little Lakes Valley for a camping adventure. Now don't pass that link by! Click on it...because I want you to see the awesome beauty of the area. (We hiked that trail.)

right to left
my son, me
Samuel (6 month old Huskie)
Miss Maggie Mae (6 month old Cairn Terrier)
my sister-in-law
my brother-in-law

Are we in Narnia?

Awesome beauty everywhere.

Rock Creek is just a few steps from our camp.

Can you see the trail?

When I first set foot on this trail my eyes misted over, as it reminded me of how "Much Afraid" walked with the Shepherd through the High Places in the book, Hinds Feet on High Places.

My son took up a new sport. Extreme Rock-Hopping. He found several creative routes of crossing the stream...putting his life in danger...(he only brought one pair of shoes!)

He coaxed me into taking one of his routes. I made it...but my heart was palpitating! I didn't like the pointed rock section.

"Just keep your momentem going, mom, and you'll be fine."

I prefer logs to rocks.

Dylan is walking Samuel. The two puppies were discovering the world outside their backyard, for the very first time.

Samuel (the Huskie) chased the sticks we tossed into the water. Maggie chased Samuel into the water! Suddenly the ground dropped off and she started swimming! She loved it!

Samuel's first step into the water.

Uncle K watches as Maggie and Samuel play at Heart Lake.


Bunk Beds.

Maggie and Samuel are crate trained. Each evening, at bedtime, they easily entered their crates and seemed happy for a rest after a long active day.

God's Christmas decorations.

Beautiful peaks.

Red Rock Canyon

Dylan, who loves to eat, took this picture. Tri-tip!

My siser-in-law with Samuel and Miss Maggie.

Thank you, M and K for a great trip!


inspired said...

looks great ;o]

Becky Wolfe said...

What a beautiful location. I felt like I was right there with you...and by the looks of those gorgeous trails & stunning views, I wish I was!! The website makes the trail look amazing! What a beautiful spot for hiking.
Cute dogs too!
Looks like you had a great time with great weather.
Love the closeup of the pinecones.
Um, I'm not very good at rock hopping either. And the tree has to be big & wide for me to brave that one too.
Thanks for sharing all these great pix!

Janey Loree said...

These are beautiful pictures, I especially love "God's Christmas Decorations"!

I am posting that picture of my brother over on Notes...

inspired said...

Thanx for popping over.. often i've prayed Lord give me the strength to enjoy my blessings!

Biker Betty said...

Those are gorgeous pics of the Little Lakes Valley trail. That is a dream hike!! Glad your son enjoyed himself. Love the bunk beds for the dogs, lol. Thanks for stopping by,

Biker Betty :)

Miss Maggie Mae said...

Good lookin' brother-in-law (daddy)
-Miss Maggie Mae

Sharon Lynne said...

Okay Maggie Mae. I think you're "daddy" talked you into that one!

To my readers: I just got an update on the puppies. Apparently, being in the great outdoors made an impression on them. Upon returning home, they forgot all their obediance training and are driving their "mom and dad" crazy.

jan said...

What incredible pictures. I wish I could take my (4) dogs camping, but Misty the alpha Poodle is a little Welcome Wagon lady and she is all over the campground and beyond with all the dogs following. I could keep them on a leash, but that is no fun for anyone.

JAM said...

My mind is all a big jumble after looking at those photos. Amazing. What a beautiful area. I'm glad y'all take advantage of that. My Wife and I learned long ago when we were young and totally broke to take advantage of the sights and sounds and the always available parks in the cities where we lived. In Georgia we would go for half-day drives with a picnic up into the north Georgia mountains. We loved that.

Now in Florida, we go to the beach and whatnot, because we never know where we will be in five years. We miss seeing hills and mountains though.

Love the pic of the dogs in the water and in their crates. I'll bet they had a great time too.