Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Twenty Years of Motherhood

Today is my oldest son's 20th birthday!

Here he is many years ago, helping his brother hold a string of Trout caught at Sotcher Lake, near Devils Post Pile in the Sierra Nevadas.

After graduating high school in 2005, he decided to try working...rather then going to college. After some difficult experiences, he has now decided that he'd like to try school, and work PT. He has signed up (on his own) for a welding class (74 hours of lecture and 290 hours of lab) and an automotive class. He also has been looking for a job.

It would be so appreciated if you could keep him in your prayers regarding these new endeavors.

The ride of parenting has certainly been more of a white-knuckler than I anticipated. But as C learns and grows through his expereinces, I learn and grow also.

Today I'm secretly commemorating TWENTY years of MOTHERHOOD!


Marion said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son...twenty years is a long time and yet, when we have children, it goes by so very quickly.

Diane said...

Well the secret is out! WOO-HOO! Happy Birthday to your son.....and congratulations for surviving 20 years of parenting! And I thought dirt biking was dangerous! HA! Nothin' compared to parenting!!!! Good job!


Becky Wolfe said...

20 years! Happy birthday (belated) to him and huge congrats to you! I'm still pondering starting the first year!

Sharon Lynne said...

Becky,'s a big decision when to begin a family. And I'd like to's not all UP HILL the way I paint it at times. There are rich blessings.

One part I enjoyed was when they were young...and I took them to interesting and fun places, it was like being a child again! One gets to re-live childhood.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Thanks for sharing Sharon. Yes, parenting has its trials and rewards. I hope and pray this new endeaver is good for your son. Each child is so differnt, some more difficult to know how to handle. I know I'm having a time of it with my youngest. I feel at a loss sometimes... but God knows my weakness. All I can do is ask for his strength.

Sharon Lynne said...

And thank goodness, God fills in the gaps. It's impossible for us to do it perfectly. God fills in and completes the picture.

Janey Loree said...

"God fills in the gaps" and fills our hearts with peace that he is taking care of our young men!!!

Whether they are taking a deeper path or walking the path in Texas. I will keep C in my prayers and covet your prayers for TnT in Texas.