Saturday, August 18, 2007


This morning the parrots* were swooping across the sky, squealing with delight, at 7:00 a.m. Good thing I was already awake. I reached over and shook my husband. "Hey! It's time to get up--it's Christmas!"

Today my husband is leaving for a well-deserved vacation. A short time later, my husband and I stood in the front yard waiting for his friend LT to arrive. The parrots continued to play. Several hung upside down on the power line as LT rounded the corner in his silver truck. Three motorcyles stood in the bed of the truck and trailing behind was LT's house on wheels.

Camping, motorcycling, and a little fishing all crammed into 4 days——a man's dream!

"Oh don't forget the CD's."

"I brought my laptop, and the helmet cam" (video camera that one can hook on a helmet)

"Oh...I accidently left the frozen hot dogs out last night. Do you have anymore?"

*Oh yes...the parrots. We have wild parrots in our skies. There are several stories of how they got here, but the main story is...In the 1940's someone brought two dozen or so parrots here in cages (not a cage...there is another word——can't think of it.) Somehow...during an earthquake...a fire...they got out. They've multiplied and now there are about 200 in our little city—and a few hundred more in nearby cities. They are the kings and queens of the sky, as even the crows will submit to them.

So I'm on my own for a few days...along with both my sons. Due to circumstances, I need to stick close to home this week. I wonder what the week will entail?

I want to be clean out closets or get the paperwork off my desk.

While writing this post---
I just got a phone call reminding me my neighbor, who is recouperating from surgery, is in the hospital and needs a visit. She's a sweet older lady. She's mentioned in one of my first posts. I have fun tossing oranges into her yard...(see post)

I will go and see her.

That's the most important thing for me to do!


Dawn said...

Thanks so much for keeping in touch!

I would love to see those parrots.

My husband was gone for a week and I had no noble aspirations of getting anything done. I just love not cooking, not worrying about anybody else when he's gone. Well, that's not true - I'm always worrying about someone!

I hope he has an awesome time away from it all.

Dawn said...

P.S. When our prodigal was struggling with what he was going to do, knowing college was not in his immediate future, he took the welding class and welded for 5 years. It's hot, hard work, but a great skill to know. He'd like to learn tig welding, which they do on bronze sculptures. Now he's starting his junior year tomorrow at the university where I work, in the program where I work. I'll see him often. That'll be fun!

Beach Girl said...

Hatteras Hello!

I actually just posted at Yahweh's Retreat and wanted to stop by for a visit.

Loved the parrot history!


Sharon Lynne said...

At the risk of getting a jab from Vanessa, I'll agree with Dawn and say I just love -not cooking- when my husband is gone, and in general...moving to a slower pace. Whew!

I'll try to get a picture of the parrots! But handsome husband has the camera with him.

Diane said...

While your husband is away....on a well-deserved vacation....please know you are not alone...we will be praying for you as you slow the pace down....and just enjoy! I understand the need to "stay close to home"....and pray that everyone will be safe and sound with the watchman standing guard! Not to mention those wild parrots! Cool!


Becky Wolfe said...

Parrots! Cool!

Sounds like your hubby is taking my hubby's dream vacation. I think he & his buds would love that too. (come to think of it, if our quads were in working order, a couple of us gals would love it too) but that's not the point. The guy's need their male bonding just like we need our girls!

Hope you have a good week at home and enjoyed your visit with your neighbour.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for the prayers Diane...and understanding!

Becky, yes...the guys need their time. Husband called today. They're meeting some other riders and doing a 120 mile loop on Tuesday. Hope they remember how old they are! (They will the next day.)

inspired said...

i used to be a parrot but i'm not now. i'm not now,not now, ;o]

The Gatekeeper said...

No, no! There was a train crash in the 40's. Those green red parrots escaped and multiplied. Hundreds of them lived in our back yard and nested on those trees around the baseball field. Oh, I miss those parrots. We have road runners now. Hey welcome back, I just got back myself.

Sharon Lynne said...

A train wreck? I jumped on the internet but can't find anything on it. But I did read that as of 1995 there are about 750 parrots in this city.