Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Prayer

This picture was taken at Mammoth Lakes a few years ago. The rocky road that wound up the mountain was a bit challenging, but after reaching the top, the beautiful alpine lake was our reward. (Click on the picture if you like. Please remember to pray for my son on the far left.)


I'd like to repeat this prayer (by Ruth Meyers) that I posted a few weeks ago. I hope it blesses you as it does me.

My mother suggested I pray it every day. So I printed it out today, because otherwise it will be forever buried in posts.

Thank you that you plan to use for good the struggles my loved ones face - including their disappointing choices, and their unwise or even harmful ways of thinking and living, and their sidetracks from going your way (as I see it--and Lord, I know I could be wrong!)

I praise you in advance for the part these difficult things are going to play in Your good plan for us - in eventual deliverance and growth and fruitfulness. I'm grateful that in all these things, the battle is not mine by yours . . . and that the final chapter has not yet been written. How good it is that I can call on You to give me wisdom to know what to say or not say, what to do and not do . . . and that You live in me so that I can love with Your love, even when it's hard. Thank You that these trials force me to trust You more!

I worship before You, my King and my God. I'm grateful that You command victories for Your people . . . and that "all things are Your servants." You're a God who acts on behalf of the one who puts his hope in You. Thank You that You are at work to answer my prayers in Your good way and time.


Becky Wolfe said...

I think we all need this prayer daily - our families need it.

Great photo. How I'm longing for spring here...not that I get to go on my quad this spring but I will get out on my feet & do some hiking & exploring, at least until this little one protests & forces me back to the couch.

PS Im FINALLY feeling movement. Its so exciting!

Cynthia said...

I am copying and printing this out to use for my daily prayer. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your truly inspiring and comforting words.


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

It's an amazing view at the top, isn't it? I'm always surprised when we discover a lake nestled near the top of a mountain! Part of God's unexpected pleasures. Continuing in prayer my dear friend.