Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faraway Places

Carole and I are approaching the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. What is this? Lightposts! I've never seen so many in one place.

Our excitement is mounting as we near the Pompeii Exhibit.

There's Carole in the bright gold, coming in from the parking lot.

We are almost there.


Right through that door is ROME 79 A.D.

They wouldn't let us take pictures, so you will have to imagine the intriguing artifacts. We walked into a dining room painted with scenes from Greek mythology. (How did they ever move this from Italy?) The walls were red--with white angel-fairy-like creatures painted on them. There were several other smaller frescoes from the 1st century depicting Pompeii. The city was crowded with white washed villas right down to the sea.

Unfortunately I'm must cut my post short and Pompeii is not going to get the press it deserves.

We are leaving for our 30th wedding anniversary trip to the Island of Kauai early tomorrow morning, and I have last minute things to do. It's hard for me to believe that we are going on this trip, as my husband and I haven't been away together like this, for many years. I'm looking forward to doing some snorkeling, taking walks, NOT cooking dinner, being whipped by the tropical winds, and staring at the sky day and night...oh yes, and being with my husband...having him all to myself without all of life's interruptions.

I'll have a few pictures for you when I get back!


As Carole and I left the museum, we noticed the light posts glowing against the night sky.

It reminded us of what Jesus said.

"You are the light of the world."

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Karen said...

Safe travels for your anniversary trip...hope you have a wonderful time!