Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where the Road Disappears

I just checked the weather in Kauai today (October 29th) —its 83 degrees with rain. We didn't see much rain on our trip, but the day we drove to the North shore it sprinkled.

As we approached the our destination, the road narrowed, our car slushed through puddles and pot holes. We crossed a couple of one way bridges, then gradually came to a halt.

And there it was. The last beach accessible to humans. Beyond this point one would have to travel by boat, helicopter or a 15 miles foot trail through dense jungles and high precipices.

This map will show you where we were—where the road disappears. (top left)

Beyond this beach are the spectacular cliffs of the Na Pali Coast (pali means cliffs). Jurassic park was filmed here and so was King Kong. It doesn't take much imagination to feel you have stepped back in time to the dawn of civilization.

Ten years ago, when Mozart and I were here with my parents, we sailed along the cliffs in a boat. But today, Mozart and I simply enjoyed the beach.
(for more pictures of the Na Pali Coast click here.)

and the snorkeling.
I'm mesmorized by a bright blue and green Parrot Fish.

After snorkeling, a picnic lunch, and trying to photograph a hen with her chicks
I talked Mozart into something he would never do at home.

I talked him into hiking into the dense jungle and along the forbidden cliffs (just a little ways please) so we could take some pictures.

The trail was quite rocky.
"C'mon Mozart."

Just a little further.

To some great views.

Choose one to click on...and you'll feel like you're there.

Take a moment to look at the beautiful pictures of the Na Pali Coast and enjoy the handiwork of our Creator.

The next post will be about our last day on the island...spent with our Kauai a secret beach.


Sharon Lynne said...


Due to technical difficulties I had to delete the "coming soon" post--and your comments!(Sorry!--I wanted to save your comments!)

Dawn said...

Gorgeous! I can hardly wait to go there. I'm afraid I'd be with Mozart, and DC would be with you on that trail!

What a wonderful trip you had. I am so glad you were able to do it. I know a couple who went there on spring break and it rained every single day - hard. I don't want to go at a time when it does that!

I leave next Thursday for my reunion, and then the next Thursday for Maine. Counting the hours!

I hope everything's okay!

Willow said...

These photos remind me so much of New Guinea, where we too would drive to the end of the road and there would be the ocean. The point was the last piece of land between us and Hawaii!

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures!

Willow said...

We were on the Indonesian side of New Guinea. It was called Irian Jaya then but it is now called Papua. There was a mostly friendly or at least officially cordial international border between us and PNG so we never went across to the other side.

I love Descanso Gardens! If I lived closer, I'd get a year pass and go every week!