Sunday, October 4, 2009

Barbecue on the Beach Tonight

Tiki torches flicker and evening tradewinds blow across the keyboard. I'm sitting in an open air computer room. Our hotel is very nice, however, we haven't spent much time here. We've re-connected with an old friend who is a local in Kauai. Tonight everyone brought steaks and we barbecued on the beach. One or two other locals joined us, and soon many others stopped by. The steak was shared along with everything else. Steve brought his guitar. Soon someone else stopped by with another guitar. The winds blew, the waves crashed. Then the young began to arrive...along with Rap music. Later someone shouted that there were sea turtles feeding along the jetty. We watched their dark shadows in the water under the full moon. Mozart had fun trying to photograph them as they came up briefly for air.

(photos will appear in a later post)

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