Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kauai Journal and Pictures

I'll be posting about the trip in the coming days/weeks.
Here is a short introductory post.

On a drive to the north side of the island we came upon this little church in Hanalei.

This is what was written about it...

Founded in 1834, it is one of the earliest stations of the Hawaiian Protestant Christian Mission to the islands and by God's grace, stands ready to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is dedicated unto the glory of God.

The doors were open.

We left a prayer for our son on the inside.

Next post...a view of the islands from the sky and pictures of where we stayed on Kauai.


Karen said...

What a beautiful church! Prayers for your son from so many places and so many people will not return naught....

Dawn said...

What a beautiful church building. We love finding the churches when we are over there.

I can only imagine how much you have to write and share - it is truly paradise, isn't it? We want to go to Kauai next, except that we love Kona so much and it feels kinda like home when we go there - though we've only been twice.

How did things go while you were gone?

Yes, Care Bear looks adorable in her glasses - she's had them so long that we don't even remember what she looked like before.

You can be glad you didn't return here when you came home - it's been frigid here with snow. All the leaves on our 3 ash trees rained down yesterday without having a chance to change colors.

Can't wait to see your pictures - except it'll make me antsy to go back!

Dawn said...

PS - we have pictures of the very first Christian church on the islands, which is in Kona. Love it.

Susan Skitt said...

Wow, that's the church my husband and I went to on the Sunday we were on Kauai. I even kept one of the church bulletins! How cool!