Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cody Lost His New Job

On the 4th day of Cody's new job he sold a motorcycle! We were proud of him. On the fifth day (today) he called in sick. He was sick. But he should have gone in sick. Because his boss fired him. I will mention that he was out for one afternoon because he had to go to court. Sigh. I do suppose that asking off twice in 4 days might not be the right thing for a one's first week on the job.

I'm still in shock. I had such high hopes.


Praying for your Prodigal said...

Sharon Lynne,

So glad you did a little blog-surfing--and found Partners In Prayer for Our Prodigals. After reading your post today--I went into my archives and found this:

I have written about our own high hopes and crashing disappointments relating to our son's journey. I so understand your feelings and your shock. I hope you gain some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your experience....and that there are others understand and will pray with you through this! I don't know how parents without faith.....make it through the rollercoaster of life!

Stop back anytime...I will do the same. I am interested in your Wednesday's Writers Club post--I am currently taking a Freelance Writing Course at the University of Minnesota.



Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks, Diane. That's exciting that you've been taking a writing course! I would love to have you stop by on Wednesday. It's pretty casual... Feel free comment about what you are learning in your class, if you feel comfortable doing so.
Thank you also, for your kind words relating to the "roller coaster" of parenting a prodigal.