Friday, February 2, 2007

My Secret Son

I have a secret son. Not many people know about him. He lives in Mexico and he is 5 years old. I “adopted” him through an organization called Compassion International. For a small monthly fee on my part, Javier is provided with food, clothing, and school. He is also learning that he is not alone in the world. There is a God who loves him. And so do I.

I had such a hectic week. Finally things slowed down tonight. I decided to relax for a little while and do something enjoyable…like read a blog or two. But as I slid into my chair and rolled up to my desk, I noticed the corner of a letter buried under some papers. I pulled out the contents and discovered it was a note from my "adopted" son. It had been sitting on my desk for three weeks. The letter was from Javier's teacher. (Javier is still learning to write.) She said that Javier wanted me to know that he liked school and had two cats.

Now even though Javier is adorable, I still wanted to read and relax. But something in my heart said, “Some things are more important than YOU." It takes a long time for our letters to reach one another, and if I don’t write for awhile, Javier has to wait about 6 months to get a letter. So I spent the evening with Javier. Just as I finished jotting down the last few words, Dylan walked by and said, “I’m going to bed…will you come in and say goodnight?”

So I gathered up my letter and Javier’s teacher’s letter and brought them in to Dylan’s room. I shared what I was doing and Dylan listened. (I haven’t been very good at including my son’s in this project). Dylan was interested in some of the Spanish sentences, because he is studying Spanish in school. When Dylan finished looking at the letters, he slipped under his covers. Then he prayed a little prayer and asked God to be with Javier.

I guess I spent the evening doing the right thing. Sometimes making a small choice (to think about someone else instead of my own problems) can bring an unexpected blessing. Now, as I write these words my heart is peaceful. Dylan is asleep. And far away in Mexico, Javier sleeps… surrounded by a little prayer.

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