Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just a my treasured blogging buddies

I've been a little quiet because life is sweeping me away and there is no time to blog or visit. I'm a little sad about that...

About Writing

But in the midst of the flurry, I've been trying to take a few minutes here and there to polish up a couple of articles I wrote a while back, for publication. I'm going to submit three of them soon. It's better to have them sit at a publisher's than to sit in my computer. Oh..and the monthly writer's critique group is coming over here on Friday!

Parenting issues are taking a lot of my time and emotion presently.

Have a nice day. It's April--my favorite month of the year. The season of Spring is so short. Try to take a moment each day to walk outside and feel the breeze on your cheeks, look up to the sky...and look around to see what's blooming!


Becky Wolfe said...

Its been an emotional & busy past few days (week+) for me as well. Haven't had a lot of blogging creativity! Glad you got a minute to pop in & blog!

Glad to hear you're putting out some more articles. Wishing you happy thoughts & speedy responses. Can't wait till I can have a bit more time for that myself.

The plastic parts for my quad came in yesterday *dance dance dance* So we zipped across the border into Washington to pick them up right after work (5 minutes away, barely) I cleaned all the she's starting to look like a quad!! Hubby dirt-biked his heart out on Sunday afternoon while I hiked with a couple gals. It was such a gorgeous day!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

I have some writing projects on taps too!

Have fun at writer's group. Mine meets next Thursday.

I've been asking my son to get together a list of books. He's been swamped with baseball lately, so hopefully I'll have it to you soon...

Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you Susan...that's nice of you and your son. I love watching kids' baseball games! It's fun to compare notes with another writer...and I really like the devotionals you post on your blog!

Becky,sounds like you'll be riding soon! My bike is still out of order. I haven't pressed the husband much--because we are out of money! Sigh. He is trying to talk me into riding one of his bikes. But they are heavier than I prefer.

Becky Wolfe said...

Yes, with the plastic, it looks a bit more like a quad, but there is still lots to be done before its ride-able. And we're still waiting for a cheap rear shock to appear on e-bay :)

Wishing you a great Friday...despite the date ;)

Dirty Butter said...

Just stopping by to see what's going on with you. Hope the family situation smooths out real soon.

Sharon Lynne said...

Me too! But I don't think that's in God's plan for some reason. This is going to be a long road.

Beach Girl said...

Parenting issues will always take time and emotion. I have noticed that it doesn't get any easier as they grow up.

I couldn't do it with out the Lord beside me.