Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Grandmother's Writing Desk

This morning I turned the key and opened my grandmother’s old desk. The door swung down providing a small writing table. My grandmother passed on many years ago, but I can still visualize her sitting in front of her writing desk.

My grandmother liked to write...but she didn’t write for publishers. She wrote for people.

I searched through the dark cubby holes looking for some stationery. I found a couple of odd-sized envelopes, four wrinkled stickers, a dried up pen and a few old stamps. It was a letter-writing ghost town.

Apparently, now, a larger town has taken over…called “Email”.

After searching a bit deeper into the desk, I found some lightly speckled stationery that looked like a bird’s egg. A small blue bird perched near the top. On the speckled envelope, I wrote my friend's name. My friend needed encouragement. And what can be more encouraging than discovering a speckled envelope in your mailbox!

Writing the letter took a bit more time than I thought. I wanted to include an encouraging scripture. Then I had to copy it on to the stationery. After composing my message, my eyes fell on a piece of paper I had printed off the internet the day before. It was a prayer. I quicky copied it via the fax machine, and folded it together with my message, and sealed the envelope. I felt excited, like one feels when one is giving a gift!

Maybe I’ll save my pennies and fill my grandmother’s old desk with colorful stationery once again! It feels nice to be able to encourage a friend, and I need to do it more often.


JAM said...

That's a nifty piece of furniture AND family history.

Sounds like a trip to Office Depot is in order.

The GateKeeper said...

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish I had my Oma's (grandma) old writing desk. It's in Holland and probably in my Aunt's attic. She used to write too.

What a treasure! And the desk too. Always thinking of others S.L. You are a wonder and a gorgeous person inside and out. What a privelage to know you.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

The internet's great, but there's nothing like a hand written note. What a neat experience rummaging through your Grandma's desk.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin CB! This is one of the reasons why we design stationery, cards, etc over in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe...for that personal touch!!!

Dirty Butter said...

Very interesting desk - not at all what I pictured in my mind when you mentioned it on my blog.

I finally have time to start visiting all the friends who were kind enough to offer their sympathies when my Daddy died.

You're right about the written letter being like a gift. It's so rare for anyone to take the time to write anymore, I'm sure your friend will be warmed and encouraged to get your letter.

Becky Wolfe said...

I agree! I so loved getting a hand-written letter in the mail. In this day of email I miss getting the real thing, but I still cherish any email that isn't a forward or a joke from a distant friend or relative. I suppose Christmas is the only time where I get the chance for 'real mail' like that anymore & I love each one.

But even now, when I'm trying to come up with something to write, for an article or something, I prefer grabbing my notebook & finding a quiet place away from the computer desk to pen out my thoughts before tackling the keyboard.

That is a beautiful heirloom you have full of so many memories! A great place to sit & write!

Becky Wolfe said...

PS I've added you to my blogroll on my site...if that's ok by you :)

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for adding me Becky! I like to take a notebook out to write too!

Thanks for your comments everyone! If I had your addresses, I would send you all a note. But first I better stop by and buy some stationery from Janey!