Friday, July 20, 2007

Back in the Saddle

We're gearing up to go riding next Tuesday. I'm taking a day off work.

It's been many months since we've roared through the deserts and mountains. Here is a picture of one of the areas we will ride through.

My husband, his friend, and our eldest son(!) are going. (and myself) The trip plans started out with just a simple and easy ride. (Our friend is new at this.) But somehow the plans have grown into a 60 mile ride, beginning in the desert, then climbing up the sunny side of the mountains. At the climax of the ride we will be near Lake Arrowhead. Unfortunately we won't beable to see the lake because it is higher than the trail, and it is surrounded by private homes.

At first, I thought I'll just let the guys go. But my husband and friend really want me to go. I only have reservations because it's been so warm here. There's nothing like riding through a hot desert in thick clothing and boots. We will eventually climb up into the mountains, but the area is still very hot. And since it hasn't rained in months, the roads and trails will be extra dusty, with loose dirt. But on the bright side, my husband said we're going to stop by "devils hole" a small body of water. He suggested I bring something I can get wet in. But I think it will be too much trouble to change clothing.

"I'll get my moto clothes wet. That'll keep me cool!" I told my husband.

"Okay, but you'll be covered with mud as soon as we start riding again."

I think he's referring to the fact I often ride in back of the group and get covered with clouds of dirt. What's the difference...mud...dirt. I'm definitely getting my Jersey wet.

Most of the time I'm in the back because I get distracted looking at the scenery. The guys just look straight ahead. If I'm falling behind, they often move me up in the line. Then I can't stop or I'll get rear ended! I can ride fast when I have to!

...and those men keep their eyes on the road—ready to tackle the next obstacle!

Boys will be boys!

My husband.

Stop back later next week for a post about the ride!


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh that sounds like fun! I don't think I'd be as daring as your hubby though. It looks like something mine would do too.

When we backpack and are at the top, my hubby is always right up and leaning over the edge. Freaks me out. I love adventure, but like to keep it reasonably safe - LOL!

Anyhow, I'm trying to stay off the computer... really my dear big sis - but you know how it goes when you're a writer, right? It's like saying, "Don't breathe!"

JAM said...

Hope y'all have a good ride, and and a great time with your son.

Janey Loree said...

Looking forward to your post telling us about this ride!!!

Becky Wolfe said...

Fun - Love the pix! So did you jump in fully clothed? Were you a mud ball at the end after getting wet. I'm a looky-loo too when out riding, driving hiking. I'm not destination oriented, especially while hiking. If I see something interesting "over there" then I'll go over there. Guess that's why I mostly hike alone. LOL

Did you end up jumping in the water fully clothed? Did you become all muddy because of it.

Hubby went out riding his dirtbike with his buddies lastnight. It had been so hot & dry here that they weren't going but the cool rainy weather last week had them all itchin to go out so I think they had a fun time lastnight.

My quad is still coming along. She's running now but we're waiting for a few more parts. She runs but the fuel pump wasn't working, and now the break lever, so a couple more wins on e-bay and she'll be closer. :)

Sharon Lynne said...

Did I jump in? Well..."Devils Hole" was almost dried up. Yet it had about 3 feet of water in it, and it wasn't moving (the water). I'll tell you more later....

Gotta run. People around here are keeping me busy!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh and Becky, I'm glad the quad is getting closer to coming together!

That sounds so fun to go riding in the evening. Did your husband go in the dark? (That would be even more exciting!)