Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dad's Giraffe

Here are the giraffe pictures I promised regarding my previous post. As you can see, Mrs. Giraffe isn't finished yet.

I didn't cut off the head in the picture. Dad has the top part off temporarily.

I taught my dad and mom how to comment on my blog today. So they've made a guest appearance on the comment section of my previous post "DAD". Mom commented that my dad is wondering what to use for the tuft on the end of the tail. She is asking..."any suggestions?"

However, they're not regular "blog readers". I think they're too busy running around being retired. So sometimes I email them with a link to by blog...saying CLICK HERE.

We had a nice day. Mom, Dylan and I went for a bike ride. Later, I talked handsome husband into going for a bike ride with me. We winded down the hill on a dirt road and biked along the bay. It was fun to have my husband, (who rides a dirt bike) on a REAL bike. After riding around a bit, we headed back up the hill. I've never seen my husband sweat so much.

We went to my parents church. They have a Saturday night service. We enjoyed the music. A great rock and roll style band including a cello and an accordian!

After church we returned to my parents home and barbecued steaks. I brought a peach cobbler for our dinner. I made it from the peaches on our tree. Dad liked it alot.

I wish our eldest son had been there but things are very difficult right now.
It was a great day, but my heart was heavy every time I thought about my son. We are in a difficult time, and I fear it may last for many years.

I'm so grateful for the blessings God has given me. We all have our burdens and tough things we must bear. But there are always good things in our lives too! I'm so thankful for God's blessings.


Becky Wolfe said...

Love the giraffe - how cool! Please post a pic when its all set up in its spot.

Still praying for your son!

Diane said...

WEll, that quite a large project...isn't it! And how cute your parents look! They look so full of life and vigor!

They make retirement look very good!

I hope you post a picture when the giraffe is done. How unique!

I understand your heavy heart...and am still praying with you. I am so glad that you are filling your life with special moments. Too often, we stop our lives when we are so sad. And yet, when we do that...we only allow the enemy to wreak havoc on more of God's territory!



Susan Kelly Skitt said...

God fills our lives with good things... even in the pain and disappointment. What a lovely couple your parents are. And what fun to ride with your hubby. Have a great week my friend. I love peach cobbler too. I might just post my "easy version" of it. (Sometimes I go hogwild and become Betty Crocker, but most times, I'm not. Not to say I don't enjoy some good homecooking, my Mom and Nanna and mother-in-law and come to think of it, my sister, make delicious pies. Yum!) About your son, I'm still praying... and will continue.

JAM said...

The pictures are great. I love how your Mom is trying to give your Dad "The Look" but isn't quite pulling it off. She seems about to laugh.

Congratulations to your husband for going old school with you on the human powered vehicle.