Thursday, July 26, 2007

Devil's Hole

We survived! And so did my brother. It was his first time riding!

Handsome husband (HH), who is familiar with this area , said he would keep things easy.

So we started off on a simple dirt road that winded up the mountain. Pretty soon we turned to avoid some rocks in the road. Soon after that we were vibrating over bunches of rocks and bumping over hungry pot holes.

HH said, "I don't remember the road being this torn up."

My brother made it through. Here we are (above) on the smooth part.

Then we came to the singletrack. Oh that is fun! It's narrower than a rode and you feel like you're hiking on a bike. We threaded through the shady pines. My brother (R) did great.


Ooops. Missed that turn!

He picked up his bike but his wheels sunk in heavy sand.

C., my oldest son, came back looking for us. He and my brother lifted the back wheel and pointed the bike toward the trail. Then C. jumped on, started the bike and my brother pushed.

They were suddenly engulfed in a cloud of dirt!

But they managed to work the bike back up to the trail.

HH and C. wait for Sharon and R. to ride up the hill.

Unfortunately, a fire passed through here.

We finally made it to Devil's Hole!

My brother is checking out his battle scars.

The guys discover that R has been riding with a rear shock blown out!

R is given another bike.

Devil's Hole (near Lake Arrowhead)

We climbed up on some rocks and ate salami and cheese sandwiches.

Due to lack of rain, the "hole" looked more like a pond. It was only about 3 feet deep and green moss floated around the edges.

We found a clean spot in the water and got our Jersey's wet.

I didn't get muddy on the way back! (see previous post)

My son, C., is hard to keep on the ground.


HH talked me into trying the WR250F. I took it on a short ride.

The bikes rest peacefully.

We had a great day!


Rising Rainbow said...

That looked like quite a ride. Makes sense that the son has lots of air under his tires. Amazing how they think they're invincible at that age.

Diane said...

O.K. let me review....

THIS if fun?


Looks wonderful....if you like this sort of death-defying, risk-taking, makes your blood race kind of activity!!!!

Seriously, in spite of my fearful, angst ridden inability to leave the earth with more than one foot at a time....I'm so glad you had a great time!


Sharon Lynne said...

Someday I'll post about how I got into this sport. It wasn't my idea!

One thing I that it can take you to places far away from people and cars...

Michael C said...

My friend and I recently took his Jeep up to Devil's Hole. It was great!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Fun area to ride!

Thanks for stopping in!

Becky Wolfe said...

Sharon! What a fun day! Looks like you all had a blast, despite the wipe out.

Pictures tell the story, they are awesome. Good one of son jumping. Hubby isn't allowed jumping anymore, unless its a rock or a log, lol...seeing as he broke his neck. But still, its a sport he loves so I would never deny him of the pleasure (just the jumping)

I'm sure I'll learn to ride two wheels one day, I think its inevitable, but in the mean time, I'll practice on 4!

Naomi said...

Great photos Sharon. Thanks for sharing them. Looks like you and your family had a lot of fun!

P.S. You've been awarded the Rockin Girl Blogger Award

Janey Loree said...

Love the pictures! My brother is getting over a twisted knee from the last ride he took with my sons.

Congratulations on the Rockin Girl Blogger Award!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Wow! Thanks Naomi! I wish I could put that hot pink graphic on my blog...How does one get it there?

I'm so sorry to hear about the broken neck and twisted knee! Yes, this sport can be dangerous

One good thing is it gives my husband something he can share and do with my son.

JAM said...

I love the pictures. That looks to be a great place to ride.

Glad y'all had a fun, non-muddy time.

Biker Betty said...

Well I can see you must of got your bike fixed. What an awesome ride!!! I love the places you can go with your trail bikes. Trail riding and street riding are so different from each other. I'd be a newbie at trail riding if I ever tried it.

I agree with everyone, the photos you took are great. That is a great shot of your son getting air time.

Wishing you many miles of adventures,

Biker Betty :)