Thursday, April 9, 2009


On my bedside table I've placed a picture of an event that I do not want to forget. There are many people looking toward the front of a large room at the YMCA. That's where our church met, many years ago. In the front of the room the pastor is reaching for our first born son. He is about to pray for him.

Twenty-one years later I find myself reminding God about that event often. And I know the Shepherd will not give up searching and calling for my lamb.

Easter is a reminder that God is in control. Through His son Jesus we are saved from sin and death. Good has triumphed over evil. The snares and pot-holes my son falls into are not too big for God. Waywardness, confusion, illness...and even death itself is not beyond the hands of God. He has overcome it all. He will faithfully call our loved ones back to Himself. He will do all...give show them the way back.

And we pray...unceasingly.

Happy Easter everyone. Or should I say Happy Resurrection Day?

My friend and I are going to a Good Friday service in the evening. Our pastor, who likes to teach us with "visuals" said that the lights in the service will dim, and gradually at the end, it will be dark. He is looking forward to the contrast with Sunday...when the lights will be bright and "we'll party and celebrate!"

After church, I'm hosting a family pot luck at our home. I'm looking forward to the day!

I'm making my first apple pie. (don't's true. I usually buy pies.) I'm making the crust from scratch. Tomorrow I have to go get more apples. Five isn't enough...


Willow said...

Today is Good Friday and so we think of redemption for us all.

Good luck on the pies!

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Maxine said...

Just stopping by to thank you for your visit to my blog recently. Nice meeting you via Susan. Hope your Good Friday service was a blessing and that your Easter service will indeed be a celebration. We have every reason to celebrate! Keeping living and praying for your son--God is in perfect control.

Marg said...

I love making apple pies. Can I just stop by and be that person to help you?

Hope you have a great week.
I love praying for you... and your family.

Karen said...

"And I know the Shepherd will not give up searching and calling for my lamb.

Amen! I share that assurance for both of our sons...and the many other lost sheep that are wandering.

Hope you and your family had a blessed Resurrection Day!