Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Miracle and a Decision

I had a rough couple of days and then a wonderful thing happened. My husband and I wanted to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (In September '09) by going to Hawaii. (We have been to the islands before...but it's been many years) We actually tried to go for a 20th anniversary but couldn't come up with the extra finances. Then we tried to go on our 25th anniversary, and the finances fell through again.

So we've been hoping to go on our 30th, but once again, we had to back out due to finances. I was sad, but figured if God didn't open the door...then we weren't supposed to go. Mozart and I haven't been able to go away together for many years due to various obstacles and because of intense family I was hoping--so much--we could get away.

While at the Auto Club, yesterday, I decided to see if they had any trip packages. First I'll mention, that we have our air fare covered, because we have been saving points on our credit card for about 7 years. I have enough for 2 free flights. But the problem is paying for the hotel and car.

It turned out the Auto Club had a special going on at the Sheraton in Kauai for about $750 for 6 nights including car. I wondered if Mozart would go for it. I couldn't call him because my cell phone recently went through the washing machine and never recovered. So I drove home and layed it out to him. "Can I put a hold on it? We don't have to pay until the middle of August. Maybe the money will come in by then."

Mozart said, "yes".
It may have helped that he was half asleep.

I drove back to the Auto Club and got there just before they locked the door at 5:00. I knew I had to do this immediately before Mozart changed his mind. Not that he doesn't want to go... but he is very practical and tomorrow he could feel differently. When the agent went back on-line to put a hold on the trip, she couldn't find the trip package. It had disappeared!

Oh...I guess it's not meant to be. I slumped in the chair. My eyes blurred as she loaded and reloaded various websites. Finally she got on the phone and called someone direct. From the conversation, it seemed the price had gone up already.

Then she said, "What? At that price?" "How can they offer it at that price?"

Her computer started working again, and she was able to verify the price.

I braced myself.

"The trip package for the Kauai Sheraton on Poipu beach is now $501."

I asked, "For TWO people?"

"For TWO people including an economy car...for 6 nights."

She added, "I've never seen it this low before. That's lower than the price for travel agents. She kept scratching her head. "That's amazing. I don't know how they can offer it so low."

I said, "It might be God. He knows we don't have any money."

"You must have angels or something!" she said.

There was no more time to talk as the place was closing and we were holding things up. So I was given a confirmation, receipt and all the pertinent stuff and ushered out the back door.

Mozart was so surprised...he had a hard to believing it, too.

Then Mozart emailed a friend of his who we have not seen for a long time. This friend has gone through a hard time in his life, but has ended up on the island of Kauai and has lived there for about 10 years. Today Mozart got an email back from his friend, who was very excited about our trip. And he said, "Where you are staying, is in walking distance from my home!" He wants to show us "all the secret places" of Kauai and have us over for "gourmet Hawaiian dinners".

Well...all the details are not finalized yet...and while I was finishing this post, Mozart just called out to me that the news is reporting "airfares are doubling"...but once God starts something...he usually finishes it. So I am hoping that this is God's project...and that we will end up in Kauai for our 30th anniversary.

NEWSFLASH on my boys.
My youngest is going to the prom on Saturday. It is being held at Sony Pictures Back Lot.
My oldest told me today that he is exploring the possibility of joining the National Guard. (!) Those of you who live near me and know my family...please don't say anything to anyone(or your kids) about this yet...for C's privacy...and it may not happen. but again...God might be in this...

I am holding this news delicately...because I don't want to sway him either way. I want this to be completely his decision. And I don't know if it's just a little whim or if he's serious.

I'd appreciate your prayers for him--for his walk with the Lord--and for this decision.

Have a good day. God is in it!


Marg said...

Isn't it interesting how God seems to be part of the negotiation plan?
Way to go and keep us hooped about the Hawaii thing.
I love watching you grow with your sons, you move so patiently and graciously, always trusting God.

Willow said...

What a great deal! I'm so glad that God blessed you with an even better option than the one you wanted at first.

Dawn said...

Oh, I really hope it all works out - what a lot of wonderful events going on together. We hope to go to Kauai next time - what a blessing that you'll be so close to someone who knows the ropes.

Our first trip over there was amazing - we got plane tickets for $200 each, which was available for about an hour. What a great blessing that was.

I think the military would be a very good thing for C!

Karen said...

What an exciting anniversary trip to look forward to later...I love it when things work out so well like that to show glory to the Master Planner.

He has your son's life planned, too, so we will pray for guidance for him to make in good choices in all that he does...

The youngest son's prom? Take plenty of pictures and try not to cry (like I did with my youngest)....

Susan Skitt said...


Went to Kauai on our honeymoon, beautiful - hiked the NaPali coast! Do it if you get a chance, it's breathtaking.

And will be praying for your son...

Much love,