Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Days

Meet Mrs. L.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will find Mrs. L and I busy with shopping, walking, gardening, gaming (Scrabble) and gabbing. She has taught me how to fix a sprinker, make a pumpkin pie, Dutch cookies, care for roses and how to be patient in most circumstances.

Daffodils are Mrs. L's favorite flower, and we stopped to admire these while on a walk.

Meet D.

D is my youngest son and he recently invited friends over to celebrate his 18th birthday. No girls...just gambling. His friend S, brought over a poker table top. I did not know they made such a thing. But it kept them busy for quite awhile. In fact this was the easiest birthday party that a mother ever had.

The boys made their own food...barbecued chicken. (D is closest to the camera)

My son is finishing his Senior year at high school and is currently working at Ralph's market. He likes to play the drums, and helps out with worship at church.

Easter is going to be at our home this year, and I'm not sure how many I'll be having yet. But my garden is waking with bright orange California poppies...and it feels like its time for company. I also have beautiful green weeds everywhere!

That's it. Short post today. We have Saturday church today and it starts at 5:00. I'm still trying to get used to the shortened Saturday, but its really worth it! It's so nice to attend church with Mozart.


Karen said...

How nice your friendship with Mrs. L sounds....enjoying girl stuff!

My youngest had his birthday this past week. My how time flies! Our children grow up too quickly, it seems.

Hope you enjoy a blessed Palm Sunday!

Willow said...

Yes, the children grow so fast! I miss those days sometimes.

Your friendship with Mrs L sounds like a great benefit for you both!

Dawn said...

Happy birthday, D! Sounds like a perfectly wonderful party.

Mrs. L sounds like fun.

Marg said...

How valuable to share life with friends of all ages.
My post on Thursday shares a thought about someone who helped me make a special cake.
Have a wonderful Easter.

Mary said...

Glad you were able to get out and have some fun with Mrs. L. It's great to have friends who can teach us things and that we can have fun with.

It looks like D had a great birthday.

Thanks so much for entering my book giveaway.

inspired said...

have a great Easter.. God bless and love in JESUS name from The United Kingdom/England