Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Pie

I made my first apple pie. (with a lot of help from google)
What would I do without the internet.

"Making Apple Pie"
"Pie Crust"
"Apple Pie Filling"
"Cutting Apples"
"Apples turn brown"
"Baking Apple Pie"


Chief pie tasters were my mother and my 93-year-old Aunt Elsie.
Aunt Elsie is a veteran pie-maker.
The pie passed her inspection. And my mother took an extra piece home!

Mozart is re-wiring his studio. So he decorated my back porch for Easter.

Both my sons were gone. The youngest had to work. And the oldest went out of town with a friend. I missed them....but we still had a wonderful day. My dad was here, too along with his cousin Larry.

My dad spotted my old bike, and he proceeded to take the wheels off and stash the whole thing in the trunk of his car. He said he has some bike tires laying around his garage...and a few other things and he's going to fix it up. I'm so glad I still have a age 52!

I hope you all had a pleasant Easter. He is Risen! And Risen in our hearts. Today at church I was reminded of the power of the resurrection. That same power is with us every day. God is with you as you start your new week.


Willow said...

The pie looks great! Congratulations on the achievement!

Dawn said...

I used to bake pies all the time, but don't so much any more because I tend to eat way too much and DC doesn't.

We went to Sema's Good Friday service - it was dark and the choir was all in black. It was striking and chilling.

Easter Sunday was wonderful at our church and at my house for dinner.

I can't believe I missed your last post - it is so true!

Karen said...

That pie looks great! Move over Paula Deen...

Dawn said...

We got to talk to Kev briefly when he got off the plane, to know that he was there safely. Then he had a 2 minute call to let me know a bunch of stuff he forgot, because he packed in such a hurry and in such a brain fog. We won't be able to talk to him in depth until May 2 or so.

I have looked up the ganglion cyst on several sites on line. It turns out a lot of people actually do hit them with a heavy book - it used to be the Bible because it was the heaviest book people had in their homes (the family Bible, not the one you read!). The stupid things aren't toxic or anything, but some people suffer great pain, depending on where they are. Mine is bigger than ever and is beginning to ache. I intend to go to a surgeon to see what they say and how much it would set me back.

Well, now I've written another post!

Jackie said...

Congrats on the great looking pie. I am a terrible baker so I love the fact we have great bloggers out there who explain things even a 6 year old would understand LOL.

Susan Skitt said...

Loved your post. Good for you trying out making a pie! And my hubby and yours should talk shop sometime, I have wire decorations in my living room (until our unfinished room over the garage becomes a studio!)

And yes, God's power is with us everyday, resurrection power - wow! Good reminder!