Monday, January 29, 2007

Chocolate Covered Raisins

Tomorrow we are celebrating my mother’s 76th birthday! I never know what to get her because she always insists, “I have everything I need.” I finally thought of the perfect gift. She loves guessing games so guess what her present is!

There’s a big green and gold bag on my desk filled with several small presents wrapped with red polka dot paper. Each present has a clue affixed to it. She’ll have to guess what they are. Okay. A sample for you. Can you guess what this is? “It’s sweet on the outside and good for you on the inside.” Yep. That’s it. (Hope mom doesn’t read my blog!)

I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Her strong faith in God is a comfort and inspiration. And I’m quite proud of her tennis accomplishments. Up until a couple of years ago she had a national ranking.

And she’s also sweet and wise…kind of like a chocolate covered raisin.

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Anonymous said...

This is Mom - not a chocolate covered raisin, although I love them! All my presents were great and useful and fun and took a lot of thought from my lovely daughter and wonderful son-in-love. On my 70th birthday they gave me a great surprise party and even blindfolded me. It was so special and so much fun seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time. I love you both and am looking forward to another birthday! Mom