Monday, January 15, 2007

An Unexpected Visitor

I plodded down the deserted neighborhood street. Where was everyone? A cold wind slapped my face. Suddenly out of nowhere a tiny puppy appeared. He ran toward me and playfully lunged at my legs. Then he scampered down the street back toward my house.

I turned and followed him, gently calling, “Come ‘ere little fella.”

We recently lost our own dog, Jasper. He was 14 years old and loved immensely…especially by our sons. I wish I could put a picture of him up, but I don’t know how to do that yet. I’m still on my learning curve with this blog!

I quickly swung open the door to our home, and called my 15 year-old son.
(—good way to get him off the computer games.)

“Dylan! There’s a puppy out here!”

In 4 seconds flat, I heard Dylan’s large feet pounding toward me. He ran right by me and out into our yard. Both of us sat transfixed watching the fuzzy brown ball sniff the bushes and carve figure-eights in the grass. We managed to get a few pats in here and there. Then…he disappeared as quickly as he had come. I had gone in to get a leash, and Dylan said the puppy had run behind the house. When he went to find him, he was gone.

But his happy spirit lingered, and we were glad for a visit with a puppy. Somehow it helped fill the space Jasper had left. We’re not ready for a new dog yet…but someday the time will be right.

Thanks for visiting...I would write more, but I just remembered that I'm cooking dinner and I think the meatloaf is burning!

It's okay, Whew! Okay I have one more minute. I'll tell you what's coming up...

I ran into a couple of people who gave me some good advice on parenting my teen boys. Soon I will tell you a bit more about my boys. I really do need parenting advice.

Talk to you soon……


Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon!
I read all of your posts, but since this one didn't have any comments yet, I thought I'd kick it off. That is a sweet story about the puppy. Maybe he was an angel puppy! :o)

The GateKeeper said...

An angel puppy, that's so sweet!!