Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Writing Club!

Dinner is ready but nobody can eat right now. I hate it when that happens. So I put everything away (Chicken Caesar salad) and here I am on my blogging throne.

Today the subject is writing. I’d like to write some helpful advice to those writers who would like to publish their work. I’d love to share what I know…on Wednesdays! Maybe we could call it “Wednesday Writer’s Club”. Now I’m not a supreme authority on these matters, but I certainly can give some guidance. (Note: If you don’t see the post on Wednesday, check back later in the evening. I work during the day, and usually will post some time in the evening).

As an introduction I’d like to give you an assignment. Google your favorite magazine (or a book publisher) and see if you can find their writer’s guidelines. Not every magazine prints their guidelines for submission on the internet, but more and more magazines are jumping on board (on the web board) every day. In the past one had to write a letter to the magazine requesting the guidelines. By the time the guidelines came in the mail, the writer forgot what she wanted to to write about!

You may see some web sites that boast of having guidelines for many magazines. I have found that some of these sites do not list all the instructions for submissions and they are not updated regularly. It’s best to try to get guidelines from the web site of the magazine itself. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find the guidelines you need. There is always a way! Right now, in my lap, sits a book called Writer’s Market*. You can find the latest Writer’s Market in the library or bookstore. If you look up a specific publisher or magazine, information will be listed regarding how to submit your work…and how to obtain the writer’s guidelines. In the guidelines you will also find out how much you will get paid if your manuscript is accepted! Warning: some magazines/publishers do not pay at all…this inforamtion will be listed also. (How DARE they not pay a writer! Writing is hard work!!)

*2007 Writer’s Market edited by Robert Lee Brewer
Also: Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2007 by Sally E. Stuart

Okay. Start googling those magazines and publishers…and see you next week at Wednesday Writer’s Club!


Jessica said...

Hey! Thats an excellent piece of information... Thanks a lot

The GateKeeper said...

That's so true. Nobody goes to their jobs at Inn & Out to work for free. Ah, the business! Sigh. And don't forget you can get Sally Stuart's book through my website. I'm just sayin'.

Sharon Lynne said...


Thanks for stopping in. That was an interesting piece about "Roses" on your blog! I love articles that delve into the the history behind things.

To the Gatekeeper--

That's going to come in handy...that you have a link to Sally Stuart's Writer's Market! I'll mention it at the next meeting.

Janey Loree said...

Hi, I will drop by every Wednesday! Thanks for sharing this info...

jillbeth said...

Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, I know how hard that is. Our first dog, Elmer, passed away a little over a year ago, he was 16 years old. He died peacefully at home from old age. We should all be so blessed!