Saturday, March 10, 2007

Singletrack Adventure

Okay, it's time for something different! More riding, less writing!! This is one of my favorite rides.

Tom and Cody on the singletrack. This was taken in the Mammoth Lakes Area. Dylan and and I rode it too. Larry was with us on this ride also.

This is real singletrack. Sometimes the trail gets so narrow that it's only wide enough for a tire. Some of us had to go slow because the trail had sharp twists and turns between the trees.

The trail is made up of mostly pumice. That's the same stuff that pumice stone is made out of. It's like heavy sand and makes for a very dusty trail.

At one point the trail got so tight that we had to "thread" the trees. (Moto lingo for swapping your handlebars back and forth to get between trees). Cody works his way between the trees on a not so tight section.

The boys made a game out of trying to do the whole trail without putting their feet down. The slower you go, the harder it gets. And often we had to go slow...because there is a cliff on one side--but not a high one. I'll call it a rolling cliff. If you fall, you roll down.

Larry and Cody are looking tired....

Sometimes the trail opens up and you can go fast!

We enjoyed riding through God's beautiful pine forest!


JAM said...

Wow, what beautiful woods! Talk about getting away from it all.

Sounds like a challenging ride too.

I've gotten so used to what passes for big trees here in Florida, that when we went back to Louisiana over Christmas, I was astounded at the size of some of the old trees.

Any of those trees in your pics would probably be the biggest tree in Florida if transplanted.

I bet the woods smell wonderful as well.

The GateKeeper said...

You have a great journal blog, my friend. Don't stop writing and sharing parts of your life with us. You can look back on some of these posts and realize that God has been with you, even in those bad times. Most families do not have something like this (riding bikes) that they can do together. I agree with JAM, talk about getting away from it all. One family under God. Blessings, SL, awesome pics.

Janey Loree said...

Hey cuzz, these are great pictures! Can't wait to get pictures of you and your guys and my guys and brother on a ride!! Travis, Tony and Doug are going to Ballinger Canyon this Saturday with a couple of friends from the coast. One of the Honda shops is hosting the fun filled day! Not sure that I will be able to go...getting ready for Equine Experience the last weekend of the month.

Sharon Lynne said...

I hope they take pictures!

The ride may have to wait. Tom says my crank shaft bearing is going...and it could be expensive to fix.

Tom showed me where Ballinger is on the map. He said he's ridden the back forest trails behind Hungry Valley...but not as far as Ballinger.

The Equine Experience sounds like a big event to prepare for. And very exciting too!

Biker Betty said...

Many years ago I backpacked in the Mammoth Lakes area. Very pretty. Going thru those trees seems a bit tricky. I bet goes thru them with ease. What a great day of riding.

Sharon Lynne said...

I wish I could say I went through them with ease, Biker Betty. I'll just say I got through!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin CB! I came by for your Writer's Wednesday article but I see that you are busy like the rest of us! It is technically Thursday morning...but not to me I have not gone to sleep yet! I am trying to get some blog reading done before I hit the hay!!

Sorry to hear that your crankshaft bearing is almost on the fritz. If I don't go there won't be any pictures...unless...I find my old digital and send that along!

I'll stop by manana to see if you have posted your writing article.