Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Job Hunting

I have not been called to perform the "in-basket" test yet. Apparently the ladies who have been through this testing say it's the most difficult part of the testing. Apparently one goes through a whole day at the office--simulated...with different things placed in your in-basket. The work must be prioritized and one will be interrupted with emergencies. The test will involve emails and composing correspondence. are interviewed and asked why you made certain decisions.

Oh my.

All I want is a full-time job so I can have medical benefits.

Yesterday I found out that I will not be working summer school. Since I worked last year, they have to give others a chance. There are not enough positions to go around.

My husband's work is so slow...down to nothing. So I must find a FT job this summer. I'm praying for the right job. I'm a bit nervous about matters at home (extreme parenting)...and how they will impact me as I learn a new job. In one's probably better that I will be away from home, and at work this summer. I just hope I can do it. (work)

Oh...there goes the phone. The youngest needs to be picked up from school. "Mom...bring my learner's permit! I want to drive home!"

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Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh sweetie, I am praying :) Much love to you dear sister!