Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Peach Cafe

Meet Sunny and Carole! We have just finished lunch at the Peach Cafe. A funky little place with sandwiches, omletes and other good stuff. I've known these "girls" since elementary school. On the left is Sunny. We met in kindergarten. On the right, is Carole. We met in the 6th grade. We've had many adventures together. We always meet on our birthdays, and today, we celebrated mine. We always have great conversation. Today we discussed our experiences sharing our faith.

Sunny has the most unique way of sharing her faith. She makes beautiful "outreach" bracelets. They are laden with colorful crystal beads and pewter charms that tell the story of our faith. If you'd like to see them, visit her at Sunny's Shiny Things. Once on her website, click on the bracelets to see them close up.

Carole is the busy mother of 3 teen boys. (and mischevious ones!) She is a writer (with no time to write!) and a teacher. Her husband hosts a wonderful website entitled God and Science. Carole shares her faith with everyone she meets! She is an inspiration to me.

I'm so fortunate to have such long time friends. They are like sisters to me! It's one of those blessings of living in the same area for so long!


Dawn said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with good old friends. There is nothing like a long friendship - especially if they share your love of the Lord. I have friends from high school - I only was there for 2 years, but they were there forever - they accepted me and were so kind. That was in Nebraska, and we all ended up in Colorado, so we began having lunche together for birthdays. That ended a few years ago, but we shared so very much.

It is true that Emma and Kate are such wonderful little miracles. What blessings they are!

I do have a scanner/printer/copier that DC gave me for Christmas last year. I love it. I also have access to one at work for two more months.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

How absolutley wonderful to have such great friends who love the Lord and share their Savior with others! And what a pretty little cafe to meet at!

Happy Birthday to you dear Sharon! May the Lord bless and keep you this year. He is so faithful!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Yes, I realize you're a Christian, been Baptized, want the Great Beyond Upstairs, and love the Lord Jesus who's the ONLY Way home. Yahoo! Can't wait to meet you in Heaven, girly!! However, if there's one thing I gotta say in my on-line ministry, it's this:

Read these Biblical passages from the KJV (or whatever Scripture refrence you choose - all basically the same): Exodus 22:2 - Daniel 12:3 - Galatians 4:16 Those should explain what the Christian community in the good, ol’ USA faces in the coming years before the return of the King.

Hold on, Christians!! Fight the good fight!! Rise-above!! Don’t sink below!! Even if it means you must flee, leave everything behind!! Almighty God will provide!! Trust in Him, hope in Jesus!! He will not leave you orphans!! DO - NOT - TAKE - THE - CHIP!!! Thus, you shall soon be rewarded withe Words, “Come, children, and enter into the reward of eternal life.” Pray for me just as I will pray for you. I love you, people!! I’ll see you Upstairs after this lifelong demise which is very, very short lived!! God bless you, America. Be at peace.

IN HOC SIGNO + VINCES: Crux Sacre Sit Mihi Lux!! Fidelis Usque Ad Mortem!! (Latin: IN THIS SIGN + YOU SHALL CONQUER: May the Holy Cross be my Light!! Faithful Unto Death!!)

Feathering My Nest said...

Happy Birthday. Thank you for visiting my blog. Please come any time. What fun to get together with life long friends. Those bracelets are beautiful.