Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Latest News

Tomorrow I’m taking a “Secretarial” test.

Actually—hasn’t the word “Secretary” been replaced by “Administrative Assistant?” In our school district they still use the “S” word.

I’m testing because I want to go FT when the right position opens up. This test will put me on an eligibility list.

I’m a bit nervous because I’ll be tested in WORD and EXCEL. My friend came over last weekend and gave me a 2 hour crash course in EXCEL. I do know WORD…but just the basics. I’ve been studying…combing the internet for practice tests. I’ve found some…but not adequate.

I hope I don’t bomb the test. Actually I don’t want to be a Secretary, anyway. The last thing I need is to have another boss in my life. (My husband keeps me busy enough). Maybe I should be a clerk instead.

Currently I work in Special Education and I love it. But the job is only part-time. I enjoy tutoring elementary aged students in math and writing.

On another note, my youngest son just passed his written driving test today for a Learner’s Permit. I’m so happy about this. I let him drive home from the DMV…the last 5 blocks in the quiet residential area. My seat belt was quite useful for the stop signs.

My oldest son is back. His re-entrance was quite dramatic. I was watering the front yard when I heard a big truck coming down the street. It was a flat bed tow truck with my son’s bright orange car on the top.

There was no son in sight.

Four hours later our son was dropped off.

Apparently the car’s alternator broke. Then it was cited for non-current registration tags…and under threat of impoundment unless it was removed from (wherever it was). So now it is parked permanently in our driveway until insurance/registration are paid.

That’s all for now…I have to get some rest for the test tomorrow.

To all mother’s---grandmothers---aunts---caretakers---Have a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!


Dirty Butter said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!! It's been a long time since I stopped by, but have things really changed much?? Prayers for good results with your son coming home, and for everyone on the road with your youngster's driving!! LOL!

Good luck on your test!

Vanessa said...

You continue to be in my "oldest son" prayers; I'm still struggling with mine too.

Don't just love how the "S" word is not longer PC and how it must be changed to Admin. Asst.? I just say, "Oh, Brother!" :-)

Good luck on the test and with the youngest behind the wheel.


Dawn said...

It was much easier when we celebrated Secretary's Day - then it was changed to Admin Pro day - that doesn't work on our campus, because AdminPro is a whole other ball game - a higher level than us lowly admin asst/secretary type people! Wha a crock.

Did you have to pay the $175?! I hope not. I hope things are going okay with him at home.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Ah, job changes are in the air.

I just went to two job fairs this past week. Guess what?

When I was writing up my resume, I contacted the hospital where I used to work and the person who could retrieve the records with exact dates was on vacation until next week. They have to retrieve all records before 1990 from Iron Mountain archives.

Oh my, I FEEL like an archive when it comes to working outside the home. We've chatted on that before, though so you know my trepidation about that. Continuing to commit it to the Lord.

Keeping you in my prayers for both your work and for your son.

And that's great about your youngest and his driver's permit! (smile)