Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Surprises

Do you see the branches on the grass? Bill is trimming our Apricot tree in the very back of the yard. click to enlarge

One never knows what Mother's Day will bring. My mother is experiencing this, because my dad just caught the flu, which means we will not get together for Mother's Day.

I decided to write her a poem. (She always loves my poems, even though they are a little off-meter.)

by Sharon

Mother's Day is quite surprising

you never know what will transpire

You could be wined and dined all day

or your help could be required

You might be smelling fresh picked roses

or mopping a feverish forehead

You could be served Filet Mignon

or a hamburger instead

But no matter what the day doth bring

You always know you're loved

Your family is a gift from God

to make you like His Son


and...happy mother's day to all!

P.S. Oh...guess what...I passed the Secretarial test! But the stress is not over with. I now have to go in an take an "in-basket" test. More on these things later...


Dawn said...

I hope you had a peaceful Mother's Day!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a lovely little poem you wrote!

Mothers and Mother's Days certainly come in all shapes and sizes, but with the Lord, it's all good!

Hmmm... maybe I'll write a poem about that - lol!

Diane said...

Beautiful poem! What a great gift!

An "in basket" test! Geesh! Don't they know you've been parenting for 20 years! An in basket isn't going to trip you up!

:) Diane

Sharon Lynne said...

I'll try to remember that, when I'm anxiously taking my test!